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Implementing Online Board Meetings

To provide safeguards for Board and community members, the Weldon L. Brown Company would like to suggest conducting association meetings online, in place of in-person meetings, for the immediate future. Zoom is a service that the Weldon L. Brown Company uses for computers and smart device meetings, and all of our community managers have access to use this online service.

Zoom provides a way for people to hold a professional and productive meeting, all digitally. Zoom is as easy as dialing a number on your phone or selecting a link on your computer. A meeting using Zoom can be as simple as a teleconference or as hi-tech as participants sharing their screen with the audiences. No complicated software to download or registration process to complete!

Since avoiding crowds and keeping a distance from others is a practical way to lessen the chances of contracting Coronavirus, changing the way your board conducts meetings is a smart to consider information about implementing online board meetings.