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Homeowners Association (HOA)

Our strong reputation and success is a result of the quality and full range of services that we provide throughout Riverside and San Bernardino County. The following information is the Weldon L. Brown Company’s approach to HOA management.

Management and the Board of Directors

Our role is to assist the Board of Directors in maintaining, protecting and enhancing the values of your association Real Estate Assets and meet all legal compliances. We provide personalized services from an assigned community association manager, who will attend board meetings and oversee all operations and contracts of the community. The community managers, as well as the support staff, are eager to respond to association’s calls as well as to board requests.

All Community/HOA Managers are Certified Community Association Managers (CCAM) and are members of the California Association of Community Managers (CACM), or Community Association Institute (CAI)  and adhere to their professional standards and code of ethics.

Accounting Staff

The support staff of Weldon L. Brown Company, Inc. presently consists of an Accounts Payable Department, Accounts Receivable Department, Customer Service, Administrative Assistants and a Receptionist to handle your individual needs. The Accounting Department has a financial reporting system which includes the following:

  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Balance Sheet
  • Operating Statement; including Budget Variance
  • Delinquency Report – Collection System
  • Bank Reconciliations; including Disbursements listing and Deposit Receipts listing
  • Plus many other reports available upon request

Association Managers

We recruit, interview, hire, train, pay and supervise the field personnel necessary to properly maintain the property or HOA. All payroll taxes and reports for the association’s employees will be prepared by staff on a quarterly and annual basis.

Financial Collection and Escrow Services

Weldon L. Brown Company, Inc. provides the following HOA financial services:

  • Collect and record all association assessments and deposit in a federally insured bank account in the name of the association.
  • Follow-up on the collection of delinquent assessments in conjunction with the association’s adopted collection policy.
  • Initiate legal action on delinquencies as provided for in the documents and as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Provide monthly reconciliations on all bank statements pertaining to the association.
  • Maintain complete financial records for the association including: income, expenses, payroll, and payroll tax returns.
  • Prepare a proposed annual budget for the Board’s approval 90 days prior to the fiscal year-end.
  • Process, approve, and pay all monthly invoices for services and supplies in the name of the association.

Physical Maintenance

Weldon L. Brown Company, Inc. approaches all bidding on a competitive basis. Bids will come from at least three (3) different contractors. Our aim is to provide quality service at the best price. The contractor must provide a Certificate of Insurance prior to the letting and commencing of the contract.

No payment is made to the contractor until the work performed has been inspected and proven to be in accordance with the contract.

Administrative Services

Management Reports are provided on a monthly basis. These reports will minimally include the following items:

Financial Review of Monthly Statements

  • Delinquency Update on every delinquent account and recommendations,
  • Correspondence from association’s attorney regarding legal issues, if any
  • Budget Variance Analysis
  • Management Information
  • Summary of Work Tickets
  • Summary of any contract in progress
  • Personal recommendations
  • Problem areas
  • Decision Items
  • Committee Reports

Weldon L. Brown Company, Inc. will assist the Certified Public Accountant, selected by the Board of Directors, in preparing required financial statements and necessary tax returns. All invoices are kept separately for each association as a matter of company policy.

Records are maintained for each individual unit owner. Each file will contain any correspondence relating to that particular owner. This will include rules and regulations, violations, architectural violations, architectural approvals or disapprovals, work orders, and general correspondence. If the association requires off-site unit owners to provide the Board of Directors with a lease; the requirement for lease will be enforced and a copy of the lease will be kept in the owner’s file. All records will be updated as needed.

A comprehensive set of files will be maintained for your association which will include financial, contractual, legal, and general information. The community management files will include, but are not limited to:

  • Association – Legal Compliance documentation
  • Minutes (Board, Committee Meetings)
  • Policy Procedures
  • Landscaping
  • Swimming Pool
  • Reserve Analysis
  • Legal
  • Clubhouse
  • Committees
  • Declaration and By-Laws
  • Owner Complaints and Responses
  • Architectural Approvals
  • Bids
  • Newsletter

Property Inspections

As part of the Weldon L. Brown Company, Inc. management plan, the overall operation of the physical areas of the property will be reviewed. The HOA manager will visit the property, establish maintenance needs, determine staff requirements and recommend any changes to the board.

The HOA manager will ensure that the maintenance programs are being followed and that the contractors are performing the work as specified.

Near the end of the fiscal year, inspections will be made to determine the maintenance requirements for the following year. During the budget process and as required, the property manager will inform the Board of Directors of capital improvement programs that are necessary. These items can be budgeted in advance and scheduled over a period of years to help prevent unwanted dramatic increases in the monthly association assessments.

Emergency Procedure

Weldon L. Brown Company, Inc. has emergency procedures set up for association. The answering service can be activated through our voice mail after business hours. When an emergency arises, a representative from Weldon L. Brown Company, Inc. will be paged and respond to the call. The property manager determines if the problem called into the answering service is an emergency. The HOA Managers carry mobile phones so they can be reached when they are away.