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Some residents expect the Community/Homeowners Association (HOA) manager to perform certain tasks that aren’t apart of the job requirements. When the manager doesn’t meet those expectations, residents naturally become unhappy. Since the Weldon L. Brown Company wants you to be happy, we are offering a few clarifications to help you better understand what the role of an Community/ Homeowners Association (HOA) Manager.

  • The manager is trained to deal with conflict, but he or she will not get involved in quarrels you might be having with your neighbor. However, if HOA rules are being violated, the manager is the right person to call.
  • While the manager works closely with the board, he or she is only an advisor, not a member of the board. Also, the manager is not your advocate with or conduit to the board. If you have a concern, send a letter or email directly to the board.
  • Although the manager works for the board, he or she will is available to residents. That does not mean that the manager will drop everything to take your call. If you need to talk to the manager, call and arrange a meeting. If a matter is so urgent that you need immediate response, call the HOA emergency number (951) 682-5454, or 911.
  • The manager is always happy to answer questions, but he or she is not the information officer. For routine inquires, like the date of the next meeting, architectural requests, or color schemes, etc. email us. Things like account balances or whether your check was received are good inquires for accounting:
  •  The manager is responsible for monitoring contractors’ performance, but not supervising them. Contractors are responsible for supervising their own personnel. If you have a problem with a contractor, notify the manager, who will forward your concerns to the board. The board will decide how to proceed under the terms of contract.
  • The manager inspects the community regularly, but even an experienced manager won’t catch everything. Your help is essential. If you know about a potential maintenance issue, report it to the manager or fill out a maintenance request form here.
  • The manager does not set policy. If you disagree with a policy or rule, you’ll get better results sending a letter or email to the board than arguing with the manager.
  • The manager has a board range of experience, but he or she is not a consultant to the residents. Neither is he or she an engineer, architect, attorney, or accountant. The managers may offer opinions, but do not expect technical advice in areas where he or she is not qualified.
  • Although the manager is a great resource to the HOA, he or she is not available 24/7, except for emergencies. Getting lock out of your home may be an emergency to you, it is not an HOA emergency. An HOA emergency is defined as a threat to life or property.

Getting Your Call Processed

  • When calling your HOA Management Company leave as much information for the manager as you can so that he or she can get the answer you are looking for before calling you back. Many times the manager can have an HOA call you back with the information you are seeking.
  • Using email allows the manager to send messages with attachments and/or respond while he or she is in the field or after hours. It also provides he or she with a record of your communication.
  • Be kind. The manager most likely did not create your concern and is there to provide you help.
  • Call back. Your manager may have your call on his or her back list and is working on getting back to you. When you call back this helps push your call to the top of the list.
  • Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. One of these may answer one or more of your questions.

We are committed to your happiness, but cannot solve every concern. We will give it our best effort.