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Weldon L. Brown Company represents the homeowner in all matters pertaining to the profitable operation of their real property. Its goal is to produce for the property owner the highest net income over the longest period of time. Weldon L. Brown Company is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the income of the properties that it accepts to manage, while the property owner is relieved of the administrative burden. By bringing together the skilled services of individuals professionally trained in the management of real estate, the owner’s interest is beneficially served in the following ways:

  1. Planning a rent schedule from a Rental Market Survey.
  2. Find tenants who can meet the schedule.
  3. Qualify all prospective tenants.
  4. Prepare specifications for decorating, procure estimates, award the contract and supervise the work.
  5. Hire, discharge, set policy and supervise all labor and employees required for the operation and maintenance of the property.
  6. Make contracts on behalf of the owner for electricity, water, gas, lighting, heating, air conditioning, elevator, janitorial, gardening, window cleaning, vermin extermination and other services as it deems advisable to maintain the building.
  7. Purchase all supplies necessary for the operation of the property, subject to your approval on larger items.
  8. Advertise and publicize vacant space through selected media and broker lists.
  9. Plan for needed alterations.
  10. Inspect vacant space periodically.
  11. Keep abreast and posted on conditions and rent schedules of competitive properties in the market.
  12. Maintain a complete and up-to-date system of records available for immediate reference.
  13. This company is equipped with the latest computerized bookkeeping system and can submit accurate computer posted, monthly income and expense statements by the 10th of each month, together with an annual operating statement and other reports. Also, will forward monthly net operating income (NOI) to the owner or deposit in his behalf.
  14. Deposit all rent receipts collected for the owner in a Trust Account.
  15. Make mortgage payment, pay insurance premiums and taxes and all operating expenses from the Trust Account.

Your Protection

Your property and your funds are assured of every safeguard by your contract with us, because as a Professional Management Organization we assure the following:

  • Weldon L. Brown Company is a financially responsible company with many years’ experience in real estate investment and management. Your funds will be segregated in a separate bank or trust account, which at all times must contain 100% of all funds belonging to you.
  • We will remit to you monthly a check covering in full the balance in your account, together with a completely itemized statement of all receipts and disbursements.
  • You will have a specific understanding covering all fees and commissions for our services, and these charges will be shown clearly on your monthly statements.
  • We will accept no commissions, rebates, discounts or other benefits from managing your property other than the amount specifically agreed upon.

Efficient Management Requires Special Skills

Commercial property today is subject to quite as many physical ills and problems as the average man. There are problems of environment, marketing, finance, and aging. Properly conceived and managed, your property of whatever type can have a long and productive life followed by graceful and still productive advanced age, but the property must be pampered and administered during every stage of its existence. It needs someone with overall knowledge of Engineering, Architecture, Construction, Decorating, Maintenance, City Planning and Finance who knows how to analyze property and how to prescribe the specialized advice and assistance required, one who can anticipate needs and initiate corrective means in advance of emergency.