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Management Transition Protocol

Weldon L. Brown Company is a well-established reputable management firm experienced in assuming the corporation and real estate responsibilities of the association that have had management experience with prior associations management organization. We are skilled in the proficient and painless transition process in assuming the management role and responsibilities of the associations prior managing agent.

The procedures that the Weldon L. Brown Company has in place accounts for an orderly transition to the company management system.

  • A termination letter prepared by Weldon L. Brown Company for the board representatives to sign is delivered to the current management outlining all the information and steps to follow.
  • We keep the board informed during the process.
  • We communicate with association memberships.
  • We notify vendors, service providers, collect insurance and licensing on these providers, insurance agents, brokers, escrow agents, certified public accountants, investment bankers, legal counsel.
  • Collect, review, contact California secretary of state, pursuant to the civil code, open operating trust account and association reserve banking accounts, inspect corporate governing documents, collect files and archived boxes, enter retrieved data, contracts into our software system accounting and merged with our property management system.
  • Communicate with association membership regarding the management change and what is expected in the transition process with instructions.
  • Maintain on-going communication with the board as the process unfolds to maintain full transparency.

This is all accomplished without board of directors’ involvement.