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Vilma Sauceda – Associate Bookkeeper

Mrs. Sauceda brings a diversified accounting and finance knowledge and multi-task skills set to fulfill her job description duties in her accounting position, becoming a great value asset to our company. She also has years of combined experience in the following fields: Accounting, Finance, Payroll -Human Resources, and business administration. Mrs. Sauceda assists the company CFO “Chief Financial Officer” in preparing association financial reports in a monthly basis.

Her primary accounting duties are to provide general ledger maintenance by identifying and researching relevant topics, prepare monthly and year end journal entries to perform closing procedures related to monthly/year-end financial statements. Mrs. Sauceda has achieved different educational degrees throughout her professional career: Associates in Foundations of Business, Bachelor of Science in Business with concentration in Finance, Master of Business Administration with concentration in Finance, and currently enrolled in the Doctoral program of Organizational Leadership Management. Mrs. Sauceda is self-motivated and goal detail oriented in performing beyond her daily job performance.